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Your experts in Priuses and Hybrids are hear to keep your hybrid happy, and we want to make you happy to with most services & repairs in less that one hour. The dealerships use recommended services based on their engineers who designed the car, but we add our experience of real life circumstances to prevent common issues to happen to you.

hybrid battery triangle of death or check hybrid system warning
Prius Check Hybrid System Stop The Vehicle In A Safe Place

Catalytic Converter is an expensive ($3k+) part in your hybrid that cleans the exhaust to reduce environmental prolusion. It takes less than 2 minutes to steal and it’s very common in all neighborhoods. If you don’t have one to protect it, you should install a shield since it’s a good deterrent for thieves. If your catalyst converter is stolen :(, we can give you a free shield if insurance is covering the catalyst converter, or we can give you a generous discount for paying out of pocket to help keep your hybrid or Prius on the road.

Honest Engine and Hybrid System Repairs are important factors for the life of your hybrid. Even though Priuses rarely complain, minor common issues or major head-gasket issues can be very costly. Most mechanics don’t thoroughly understand how hybrids function, so you can get a bad diagnosis costing you extra money or missing to declare you have more expensive repairs to do down the road. We work on hybrids & electric vehicles only, so we know these cars very well. Stop the guesswork and have your car worked on by the hybrid specialists. We carry dealer parts and we’re friendly to your wallet with cost-efficient repairs.

Scheduled Maintenance and Oil Change are what keep your hybrid vehicle reliable. We use a mixture of factory recommendations and our experience from the field on common issues to repair before they fail. We use full synthetic oils and dealer filters. Give us a call for your next service and we can share what services affect your hybrid.

Other services are available as well from brakes and suspensions to tricky issues that trip the dealership and most mechanic shops. Give us a shot and you won’t be disappointed. If any shop can do the impossible to get your hybrid vehicle running, it’s going to be Prius Hybrid Battery of San Jose.

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